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2012 Letterpress calendar

Following the success of the 2011 edition, sold in less than 3 months, I do it again for 2012. For this year, even if the "Design & designers" sentenses are still here (with one tribute to Steve Jobs), I want to experiment some font works with the numbers to push the visual posibilities offered by the letterpress printing process. Each month number has his own design, based on my passion for old numbers, papers & ornements. All the story behind each design is presented on the calendar blog at

And, instead of just one design, this year calendar will come with 3 different covers... 2 of them are printed at 200 copies, while the third one is limited to 100.

19x12 cm . 13 cards on 480g ecoboard 100% recycled / Limited edition to 500 copies, hand numbered / Letterpress printed by Lettera Magica. Poland

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