November 2006

Vietnam pictures for sell
posted on november 28th at 9.45 am from mediafix office, listening to Andy Summers Green Chimneys
Looking for christmas gifts ? You can now order professional print of my Vietnam photographies, and can even choose the frame... Check my imagekind page >>
Manouchian street poster now in town...
posted on november 24th at 4.35 am from mediafix office, listening to Pink Martini Brazil
The posters are in town... I only see these 2... You can see them on down on this page or you can see them in big on my cpluv page >>
My life is changing...
posted on november 23th at 11.45 am from home, listening to Yann Tiersen
No image for this post, only thaught... my life is changing, and I want these changes... but I do not know why I want to share it with you... I do not even know who you are, who will read this...

Since August 2002, I am "art director" at mediafix... I done there amazing projects, and I won't be what I am now without it... but it is time for me for a new step... So, starting in 2007, I will be freelance... well, I will continue to work with mediafix, but in a different way... a better way I think...

I am more and more concerned by the futur of our planet, the reason why I run with my wife chlorophile blog (in french only, sorry). And I want to develop in this way, working with peoples who have a real ethic, which the only concern is not money...

So, if you have a project and want me to work on it, write me...
CAGEFOR - deep in the forest
posted on november 23th at 11.16 am from home, listening to Blur - Sweet song
Cagefor is Charles-Etienne, who his passionated by forest and take care of it... I go into the forest with him and take pictures of trees, leaves and other things... The logo has been designed by someone else, and is already in use, so I can not change it...

I am now working on the web site... until it is ready, I done a tempory page. Check

Piers Faccini
posted on november 22th at 11.56 am from mediafix offiice, listening to Piers Faccinni
Yeasterday, Piers Faccinni as in Clermont-Ferrand... I went to see his showcase in Fnac shop, only him, his guitar, his harmonica and an amazing voice... Later, it was the show, with drummer and bass player... and still so strong...

Discover his work on his web site or on his myspace page.
Lunatic age - 3d propasal
posted on november 20th at 00.22 am from home, listening to Lunatic age !
They ask me for an alternative dark and cold version.... and I do this...
Valenteano - Libretto - CD design
posted on november 19th at 9.45 am from home, listening to Thomas Dybdahl
Here come the complete Sleeve design I did for Ralph Valenteano... It is an instrumental guitar album...
13 Tzameti
posted on november 13th at 11.12 am from mediafix office, listening to Damien Rice 9
There is a contest to design the DVD sleeve of this movie... Here is my proposal. I discover on Nov 11th, and deadline was today!!!

I am in Black & red creative period ! To see the trailer of the movie and get info, check this>>

osted on november 8th at 5.42pm from mediafix office, listening to Damien Rice 9
Another very nice project, done with Eve Shutz (I did the Parole brulée book with her in last year). These are based on painting by Fabien Pouzerat, and his work is amazing... It was easy for me to include in each the name of each portrait. But I want them to be integrated to the painting... These will be 2,5x1,5 m posters put all around Clermont-Ferrand during 2 weeks.

I also did the poster design for the global project, and the invitation card.
You can see them in big on my cpluv page >>


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