January 2007

Parc Maupassant
posted on january 28th at 0.47 pm from home, listening to Elbow Puncture repair live
This is what i call a during project... I started in the middle of december, and since then, each time i have a break between 2 projects, I do a page, etc... Most of it is done, and it is now online at www.parcmaupassant.com

Check the "vue du ciel" gallery... I do not do any of the pictures, but have rework them to give this effects... also, the logo has been designer by my friend Fred Dauzat who works with me at mediafix...
It's a beautifull day
posted on january 24th at 0.47 pm from home, listening to Ben Harper God fearing man
After the flyer I did this summer for a treck, I have been contacted by a very nice man that asks me to do his communication... We met only once and already feel like friends. The name of his project is "La pensée sauvage",which I would translate with my bad english by "The wild though"...

He does nature cure and also organize treck based on natural and wild food... hard to explain...

Today was a wonderfull day, it snows since last night, and everything is white and wonderfull... also, I have to stay home and I work here, with this strange feeling that everything is unusal... my day break was to play with my daughter Thaïs in the snow...

All that to say say that tonight I get the perfect spirit for creation... when you feel good, everything seems right and so on, you do nice things... here it comes :
Some other projects from 2006
posted on january 22th at 2.28 pm from home, listening to Elbow Asleep in the back
It is 2.30 am and I can not sleep... so I was thinking of all the projects I have done... OK, i was also thinking of doing a new version of this web site, but it is too much for one night...

So, I want to present you this poster, and his history... It is another never ending project... This one was for a competition, for an exposition of a painter who did oceanic and biologic paintings... he was in a boat and did paintings of the expedition... and amazing project, totally in my skills...

Added to that, I found on the web high resolution pictures of the guy, and I can vectorize his own signing from one of his paintings... So, I did this :
Well, I did not win... I work about a week on it... but I did not get it because... "it was too beautifull, and the people who visits the exposition may be desepointed"... can you believe that!!! I can't, it was a year ago, and I still can not believe it...

What is the aim of a poster??? Makes people want to see the exposition... and it was like "no, if people like it, they will come"...

Since this fail, I am really fed up of competition... In which other job you work for nothing...

Well, enough for tonight... Want also to show these, these ones have been accepted by the client... it is for a shop of ancient oriental carpets in Paris... these are the ad and front and back of a flyer... good night !
I build a machine
posted on january 10th at 9.56 pm from home, listening to Radiohead acoutic live
This project was done in november... I do not show it before because it was for a competition and... I did not get it ! It was for a music festival... instead of doing a simple poster, I build a machine... I do this with old clocks parts and other old stuff I have found... The middle part is a metal box, I build an electric sytem to light in, with clear paper in front of it... I also put some little lights in the corners...
It takes me around 3 days to buld it, then I did photographies of it with a friend of me, and there is around 2 days of work to let it look like this... by "days" I means 8 hours of work!

Here come 2 images of the "process" ... the first is the images with colors and light modifications, second is the original image of the machine, without any correction... You can notice that the box is more little, I put it bigger on photoshop...
Also, seeing the image is taken in front, you do not see this is a real machine !! Here come some pictures of details...
Also, the client ask to present a poster, but also other elements as 4 CD compliation...
I am really please with the result, and sad they choose something else... I know who get it, and he is really talented, so... whatever, if you like this poster and elements, and want them for your own project, they are for sale ! Contact me at fabien(a)imoments.org
posted on january 8th at 9.59 pm from home, listening to Kate Bush King of the mountain
I did this photoshot last summer... but only found time tonight to re-organized and re-work them... You can see them all on my cpluv gallerie...
A brand new year
posted on january 4th at 0.54 pm from home, listening to Sting Shape of my heart
I like when things are at their biginning... especially a year... you always imagine it perfect, you give all your hopes in it... It is my case this year as it will be different... I will be freelance, I do not remebmer how it feel to be freelance... last time it was in 2001...

Here comes my 2007 wish card, I just did it... (click here to see it bigger)


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