March 2007

"Questions justice" poster
posted on march 29th at 4.12 pm from home, listening to Sting - Consider me gone

I design this poster for the city of Clermont-Ferrand, based on a very nice picture...

Reno Orange work
posted on march 28th at 2.35 pm from mediafix office, listening to Xploding Plastix

Usually, I post other people works on graphic exchange only... but for this, it is different. Reno is simply my favorit graphic designer... we met up at design school in 1996, then work together from 1998 to 2001 as "1 prise 2 têtes"... This is only few of his projects as art director for "Les Alchimistes".

He just send me a bunch of printed stuff he did the past years, and I was amazed by them... I take this pictures of them, and I am please to bring them to you for inspiration...

There is thousand of picture to see on graphic-exchange. And thanks to Jeremie to talk about it on his exellent blog.
Truform pools web site
posted on march 22th at 6.35 pm from home, listening to Elbow

The truform pools web site is online, based on the design of the brochure which currently printed...

Truform pools logotype and letterhead
posted on march 18th at 3.35 pm from home, listening to Ben Harper Itunes special

Another project with Jordan Mauriello at, this time for a sêcial pools builder... This is the logotype and the letterhead (rpinted on both sides"... The envelops will be printed inside too, and the buinsess cards would be embossed ! Impatient to see all this nice printed stuffs...

I am now on the brochure that should be ready tomorrow... if only the days run 72 hours ;)

Concrete wave
posted on march 14th at 10.02 pm from home, listening to Ray Lamontagne

I know freelance would be busy, but at this point... Here come the pages of the "Concrete wave design" folder I do, still for & with Jordan Mauriello at

It is just a 8 pages brochure, but the blue and yellow spots you see would be printed with metal inks added above the usual 4 colors... so impatient to see it...

I also have designed the web site last month, check
Lunatic age - August final sleeve
posted on march 5th at 3.35 pm from mediafix office, listening to Ray Lamontagne

So, after 5 or 6 propsal, I don't even remember, the Lunatic age new album sleeve is almost done... I take an old tape, destroy it, shoot it...


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