May 2007

Anatolie poster
posted on may 21th at 1042 pm from home, listening to Travis

The kind of project I love... This is for special animation done in the street, very poetic, very special things... based on the idea of un unreal world, un unreal earth... a kind of story for childs... I done 2 post cards for this project in 2004, and they came back to me this year over mediafix...

I do it in over a night... I have the idea of the central earth and the animals around, but have to find the elements... and I am really happy with it... I am now working on the post cards and flyer...

Collection Pierre Borhan
posted on may 21th at 10.25 pm from home, listening to Travis

Different project than above, but I do them at the same time... (and these are the only projects I can show, I have one big for moreyellow too, but secret until it is lunch!)

This is for a photography exhibition of a the collection of Pierre Borhan. This man presents his collection of varied photographers works... So on, I propose them to do not one, but 3 posters as only 1 picture can not sum up a collection like this... and they agree... I am on the invitation card and the leaflet now... a mediafix project...

Model museum picture
posted on may 19th at .139 pm from home, listening to Keren Ann

Here come some pictures I take in Lyon, on the front of the model museum... there is a little wondow and you can watch inside amazing model places...

Lunatic age promo single
posted on may 11th at 11.44 pm from home, listening to Bjork Volta

Sorry for the lack of updates, it just means I am busy... I work on several projects at the same time, one is huge and I am impatient to show it to you... Between 2 things, Lunatic age asks me to design a sleeve for a promo CD single of the new album...

Check the band Virb page to listen tracks of the past albums...

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