July 2007

Valenteano old project
posted on july 31th at 5.54 pm from home, listening Dominic Miller

I figure out I never post this image... I done it in November last year, it was for Valenteano... But we do not find, with him a way to end up the project... Long story, not sure I want to talk about ;)

This work has been done with calligraphy work done by Christel Llop who was very happy to take part of the process...

Check Valenteano my space page
Lunatic age temp web site
posted on jully 24th at 2.31 pm from home, listening Lunatic age

I design this page for the new lunatic age web site, based on the sleeve of the new album done in march...

New projects
posted on jully 20th at 11.44 pm from home, listening The passengers

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I am more busy than ever... It is wired, because when I decided to be freelance, it was to have more time for personal things, like photography and personal graphic projects... but it is so hard to find the time...

I am still working on a big big project for moreyellow, which is almost ended... It is one of the biggest work I have done... it is for a car air filter that runs more than any other... the subject do not seems really "crazy" but when it is done with Jordan Mauriello, everything can be fun...

I designed 2 magazine ads, a 12 pages brochure with 1 week of work on each spread, printed with special varnish, a little 8 pages brochure, the packaging of the box, and work on the web site with a very nice french team... I will give you all the details asap, probably in a week or 2 (I hope ), but here comes a little preview :

The second project I am working on for months too, is a web site for architects. Even if the photographies of the projects are not "pro" it turns fine... I did black and white images of the agency for the presentation part. This one is almost ended and will be online soon too (it has too !)
And, one other project I am on is an identity for an amazing project. I can not tell more now but here come a "teaser"...

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