June 2007

Borhan exhibition invitation & Anatolie post cards
posted on june 8th at 3.55 pm from home, listening to Alpha

May was a very creative month... I have 3 very nice projects, the biggest one is still under production, and I can not show it, but I can show you these 2 done with mediafix.

First is Borhan exhibition. After the 3 posters, I have done a post card, a leaflet, and this invitation card... Instead of doing a simple one, I give the client the idea of doing a special envelop, inspired by an old photo envelop I have found...

For the Anatolie project, a postcard was done, with informations on the back...
Be a Simpson
posted on june 28th at 0.19 pm from home, listening Piers Faccini If I

Now you can be a Simpson ! This is me with my family (well I have glasses, but it was not an option...)

check www.simpsonsmovie.com

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