April 2007

posted on april 24th at 11.09 am from home, listening to 1234 by Feist

I buy the www.fabienbarral.com url to sum up all my projects on 1 page... Between 5 projects, I try to update my web site and portfolio... you can now contact me at ecrire(a)fabienbarral.com

VIRB profile
posted on april 12th at 11.34 pm from home, listening to 1234 by Feist

I spend some hours on VIRB to put my profile there... I always hate myspace, because it is so hard to make it looks nice... but Virb is so easy with CSS...

So, I put there 75 images, graphic design & photographies, to sum up what I am and what I do... A new way to discover my work...

Also, my Virb page features my new logo... I need a logo with my personal name now I am Freelance...

moreYELLOW projects
posted on april 05th at 4.22 pm from home, listening to Brad Mehldau Trio

I am really happy that woomp and so on computer love galleries work again... So on, I can put the latest projects done with Jordan of moreYELLOW online.

There is 4 galleries, check them here : http://www.cpluv.com/www/galleries/moreYELLOW/
Photography and new camera
posted on april 05th at 1.25 pm from home, listening to Genesis - Dancing with the moonlit knight

I did it, i buy a digital camera... I won't tell you wich one, because I do not care... it is not the camera who did the photography, it is me... the main thing is that it is a digital camera... which is, for me, a revolution... no more films, no more films to bring to development, no more picture to scan, to clean... it is so different...

Main interest : I can shoot as much as I want without thinking how much it will cost to me / I can see them directly

What I will miss : this time between the time you shoot and the time you get the picture... the surprise of a picture you do not remember you have take...

Well here come one of the first picture I take... I was driving...

"Questions justice" poster final
posted on april 03th at 1.25 pm from home, listening to Craig Armstrong

Finally, the city head deceider of the Clermont-Ferrand city does not find my poster enough... educational!!! What does this mean?

So I do the poster with another image (they only send 4 images) and this time... they like it... I prefer the first one (see march page)...


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