August 2007

Imaginary moments 2007 soon online
posted on august 31th at 11.59 pm from home, listening REM

I have work a lot on the new version on this site between professional projets... I have some details to end up, but it should be online soon... if you want to know via email, contact me at

This is a preview of the portfolio page...

Konami - Castelvania ad
posted on August 15th at 10.49 pm from home, listening Elbow - Great expectations

This is a new project done with moreYELLOW. Konami ask an ad for the the issue of Castelvania video game on cell phone... Here it comes.

I am really happy with it because I did a lot of details... using old illustrations I have found...
So, here come the process for the creation of an ad like this. First, we need to find the idea... for that, we found several ones and do rorugh... We present several, and the client choose this one.
Then, when it is validated, we ask the photo retoucher to do the right image... and he send this to me :
The client, even if they like the idea, ask a more blue atmosphere, more like an old cstale stones...
But, we werre not happy with it (we do not even end it up), and as we talk about it, we figure out we maybe can do something more like old Dracula movie posters... black and white and red.
So, I do this new version :
But I was not happy with the font, so I look for a new one. And I come focusing on the details... to arrive to the final ad.
Some news...
posted on August 12th at 11.14 pm from home, listening Lunatic age

I do really few updates on this site, as on graphic-exchange, it is because I am preparing a lot of thing at a time...

- First is a new version of this web site, with presentation of all the new graphic and photo projects.
- Second is the mediafix web site, even if I do not design it this time. It is my friend Fred Dauzat, art director there by now, who do the new identity... But I am building the site...
- Third is the moreyellow web site, which is so close to be done...

I also have thousand things on my time table, like ending the Lunatic age CD sleeve... But, between all these, I take care of my familly and go out with them doing hike with donkeys... These pictures are pictures to gives you the felling of it... It is wonderfull, 4 days in wild nature... and so close of my house ;)

If you want to do it, contact my friends there :


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